Music and Performance Studies Degree

The B.A. in Music and Performance Studies Programme is designed to expose students to a range of thinking primarily based on musicological and ethnomusicological concepts. It offers music courses that range from introductory to advanced levels and although grounded in Western diatonic harmony, considers and explores culturally diverse methods of making, performing, producing and consuming music. A strong feature of the degree is the recognition of technology as a critical component in many spheres of musical interaction and the need for music specialists to be well versed in a variety of software and hardware platforms. Although the degree focuses on music and performance studies, the development of critical thinking, reading and writing skills remain central in the development of a well-rounded UWI graduate.

The degree is multidisciplinary and allows the student to engage in a variety of academic thought through five distinct Concentrations including: Music Performance, Music and Technology, Music Education, The Performing Arts, and Music Research and Sound Analysis. The three years of study include a foundation year that immerses the student in established concepts of music creation, performance, production, transmission, analysis and research. In the second year, many of the introductory themes will continue at an advanced level and the student will be exposed to a closer examination of musical practice in the context of the technology, culture and the societal forces that shape it. In the final year of study, course selection includes a mandatory year-long presentation project, which is based on the student’s selected concentration and area of academic interest.

The programme consists of three Concentrations, namely: (1) Music and Performance Studies Core Concentration; (2) Humanities (Liberal Studies) or Education Concentration; (3) Multidisciplinary Concentration (Music Education, Music Technology & Sound, Music Performance or Performance Studies).

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