Cultural and Creative Industries Degree

The BA Cultural & Creative Industries (CCI) recognizes the key role of creativity and cultural diversity in the building of new knowledge economies. It also recognizes that the potential of artistic and creative outputs for wealth creation and income generation is best realized by individuals rooted in academic knowledge, trained in relevant competencies, and able to critically assess trends and developments in the field. This programme aims to enable students to meet this human resource need in the cultural and creative industries.

Students in the programme receive academic grounding in an area of their choice, while also receiving exposure to the creative industries, and developing skills in conducting various aspects of sectoral operations. This is achieved through registration in courses in three Concentrations (formerly referred to as Concentrations): a Disciplinary Concentration, a Fundamentals Concentration, and a multidisciplinary Cultural & Creative Industries Concentration. The programme is designed to be flexible and allow students to develop in myriad different directions and enable them to enter into processes of convergence of content, technology and business practices.

Students in the BA Cultural & Creative Industries must complete 24 credits for courses in the Fundamentals Concentration (CLTR courses), 24 credits in a Disciplinary Concentration, and 24 credits in a Cultural & Creative Industries Concentration.

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