The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) is an academic department within the University of the West Indies (UWI). It is a vibrant space for cutting-edge undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, which allow creative minds to take full advantage of the financial rewards available in the culture, entertainment and creative industries.

We offer a major in Entertainment and Cultural Enterprise Management.  The aim of the programme is to produce graduates who will become business and industry leaders in the field. Its major focus is entrepreneurial development and innovation. Graduates of the programme will have gained a full appreciation of the convergence of media, information technology and culture within the global context.

Courses cover subjects such as:

  • Cultural Studies and Applied Cultural Studies
  • Festival and Events Production
  • Music Business Management
  • Caribbean Fashion
  • Caribbean Film
  • Caribbean Culture
  • Dancehall Culture
  • Entertainment Media & Culture
  • Public Relations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sports
  • Performing Arts
  • Reggae
  • Creative and Cultural Industries

A variety of other courses are also available through the Institute. These are aimed at deepening understanding of the practices and expressions of Caribbean Popular culture. Some of these courses are arranged into the following minors offered by the Institute:

  • Cultural Studies
  • Music
  • Reggae Studies
  • Entertainment and Cultural Enterprise Management
  • Cultural and Creative Industries

In addition to events such as the staging of the International Reggae Conference (biennially), each year the Institute hosts the Bob Marley Lecture in February in honour of Jamaica’s most famous cultural icon as well as the Walter Rodney Lecture in October.

Apart from its academic and research strengths, the ICS plays host to a variety of events. Some of these include conference and lecture collaborations with various departments (such as the Rastafari Studies Conference and the Academic Conference on International Football), seminars, as well as several Caribbean and Jamaica film series.

The Institute’s graduate students pursue research in a wide variety of areas ranging from architecture to theatre and from dance to storytelling. Our students and faculty members are invited to present their research at Graduate Seminars, which are hosted every Thursday afternoon.

We have recently formed and launched the ECEM Society, which is registered officially under UWI’s clubs and societies. This gives our students the chance to engage their work on an extra-curricular basis and is open to students of all faculties.



The Reggae Studies Unit (RSU) is a sister entity to the ICS which has enjoyed increased relevance in recent years. This past academic year resulted in the RSU being mandated to implement and deliver a new degree programme in Arts and Entertainment Management. This is a pioneering programme which seeks to empower an upcoming generation of cultural practitioners with relevant information and experience in evolving arts and culture world.

The Mandate of the RSU is to:

  • Increase research and teaching in areas such as Film Studies, Musicology and Dance in the Faculty of Humanities and Education
  • Establish a specialist documentation centre which would house data/information on reggae music
  • Sponsor and co-sponsor seminars, conferences, etc. and assist with the production of research findings
  • Establish links with local and international institutions to promote the work of the unit.

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