Institute of Caribbean Studies Courses

The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) offers a range of courses and programmes at both the Mona Campus and the Western Jamaica Campus in the University of the West Indies.

Courses cover subjects such as:

  • Cultural Studies and Applied Cultural Studies
  • Festival and Events Production
  • Music Business Management
  • Caribbean Fashion
  • Caribbean Film
  • Caribbean Culture
  • Dancehall Culture
  • Entertainment Media & Culture
  • Public Relations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sports
  • Performing Arts
  • Reggae
  • Creative and Cultural Industries

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ICS MAJORS (Undergraduate)

Entertainment and Cultural Enterprise Management

The aim of the programme is to produce graduates who will become business and industry leaders in the field. Its major focus is entrepreneurial development and innovation. Graduates of the programme will have gained a full appreciation of the convergence of media, information technology and culture within the global context.

Creative Cultural Industries

The BA Cultural & Creative Industries recognizes the key role of creative and cultural diversity in the building of new knowledge economics. It also recognizes that the potential of artistic and creative outputs for wealth creation and income generation is best realized by individuals rooted in academic knowledge, trained in relevant competencies, and able to critically assess trends and developments in the field. This programme aims to enable students to meet this human resource need in the cultural and creative industries.

ICS MINORS (Undergraduate)

A variety of other courses are also available through the Institute. These are aimed at deepening understanding of the practices and
expressions of Caribbean Popular culture. Some of these courses are arranged into the following minors offered by the Institute:

  • Cultural Studies
  • Music
  • Cultural and Creative Industries
  • Reggae Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Entertainment and Cultural Enterprise Management
  • Rastafari Studies

ICS Graduate Programmes

The Institute of Caribbean Studies offers programmes leading to the MA, MPhil and PhD degrees in Cultural Studies. Each programme is offered on a full-time and part-time basis and requires both course work and a research component.

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