The Missing Dialectics: An Examination of the B.Sc. Management Studies Programme at The UWI For Cultural Content And Relevance by Orville Wayne Beckford

This dissertation examines the Management Studies Programme at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona in order to analyse its cultural content and evaluate whether some courses are adequately preparing students for the contemporary world of work. The methodologies used involved: (i) a survey of the students in order to gather their perceptions of the cultural content of their courses and; (ii) a critical discourse analysis of some courses and teaching methods used by the Department of Management Studies (DOMS). The research found that the UWI Management Studies programmes were perceived by students to have culturally relevant content, especially when correlated with the number of publications by faculty members. However, based on the discourse analysis conducted on some of the UWI DOMS courses, it was concluded that some aspects of the programme are lacking in cultural content and relevance to twenty first (21st) century Caribbean development. It was also found that the curriculum needs to reflect more of the constructivist orientation in which the learner is more actively involved. Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development, was suggested as a model of collaborative student involvement in the learning process for the DOMS. Further findings from the discourse analysis point to the need for courses to analyse capitalism and new capitalism as relevant dialectics in preparing students for the 21st century global work environment. Additionally the research also indicates that the UWI DOMS programme needs to be re-assessed and didactic curriculum strategies with relevant business and development dialectics be included in the increased focus on the multicultural nature of students and the challenging global Caribbean environment. This will not only improve the course offerings by the department but will help to adequately prepare students for their transformative contribution to Caribbean development and beyond in the twenty first century.


KEYWORDS: Orville Beckford; Capitalism; New capitalism; Cultural content; Missing dialectics; Management Studies programme; Social constructivist; Teaching and learning

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