The Development of Calypso in the Antigua and its Continuity with Old Testament Traditions by Novelle Charlesworth Josiah

Calypso is a song genre and cultural art form which was brought to Antigua aby the Africans who were enslaved and brought to work there.


The contention of this thesis is that there is a discernible continuity between calypso as a cultural art form and the prophetic and apocalyptic traditions of the Bible. Calypso also fulfils important functional roles within the Antiguan context. This work endeavours to present the cameos of Antiguan calypso as well as to show that the use of calypso as a liturgical tool would not compromise the kernel of the Gospel. Calypso should therefore be considered as an indigenous liturgical tool and a legitimate medium for the expression of the gospel.


Keywords: Novelle Charlesworth Josiah, Calypso, Art Form, Culture, Antigua, Biblical Traditions, Old Testament, Liturgical Tool, Gospel, Prophetic, Apocalyptic

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