Plotting a Nation: Issues of Identity in Jamaican Theatre by Tanya Batson-Savage

‘Plotting A Nation: Issues of Identity in Jamaican Theatre’ seeks to explore how issues of identity, which coalesce to form the concept of national identity, are explored in Jamaica’s theatrical output. It must be noted, however, study does not attempt to define the term Jamaican theatre. The study explores issues of gender, language, performance and representation in Jamaican comedy. The study explores the effect of indigenization rather than the indigenization process itself, interrogating the value of the creation of indigenous theatre in a postcolonial society riddled by the aftermaths of slavery and thus contending with issues of race, representation and class, even while comedy is the prevalent genre in Jamaica’s theatrical output. It proposes that rather than viewing the prevalence of comedy as a shortcoming of theatre in Jamaica, it should be viewed as the manifestation of the folk ethos embodied in the proverbs ‘tek kin teet kibba heart bun’ and ‘tek bad tings mek laugh’

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