Critiquing Christendom: A Jamaican Christian Response to the Religion of ‘Globalisation’ by Stephen C. A. Jennings

The thesis is a religious response to ‘Globalisation’ in light of its effects on Post-colonial Jamaican Christian Experience. Arguing that ‘Globalisation’ is an American Religious Hegemonic Project, and is really an update of the Christendom ideal, the work attempts to show how that ideal was contested before and throughout its history. Gaining insights from such contestations, a way forward is presented, with the positing of Theo-centric Planetary Humanism as effective an counter-hegemonic religious critique of ‘Globalisation’, in contrast to two other major current religious responses to the present version of Christendom.

Keywords: Globalisation, Hegemony, Religion, Christendom and Jamaican Christian Self-Determination

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